Part of my job is fighting spam uploads. For your consideration, I am currently going through 6,500 (six thousand five hundred) potential spam candidates to remove them from view. It's easily the most thankless part of the job, and a bunch of us our doing it. The price of open!

You have all my sympathy. Is there any way to lighten the load?

@textfiles Hah! I did that together with other volunteers from around the world in early 2005 during the «OurMedia» project, which was in collaboration with The Internet Archive. The wading through spam, illegal uploads etc was so thankless, but also so crucial. Thanks for doing what you do behind the scenes! ✨

@textfiles Often I feel bad for uploading what feels like duplicates, but often it is at the expense of making it more discoverable. E.g. I find a series of connected files on the wayback machine and decide to upload them in a more coherent manner (sometimes extracted from .exe installers). I guess what I'm asking is if that pisses anyone off or if it is even appreciated? Thanks for all you do!

@eukara Mostly comes down to how much you're doing it and if it's either a lot of disk space, or a lot of identifiers. If you're talking under a few gigs or under a few dozen items, don't worry about it. Otherwise, tell us what you're up to.

They should at least be polite enough to include a small meme or a cute kitten picture with each one to give it some small reward for you having to purge it.

@textfiles Thank you for wading through the nonsense. Spent time in your cookbook collection tonight and found some real treasures!

@textfiles Thank you very much, indeed, for working to keep Mastodon spam-free.

@textfiles But what if one of them ACTUALLY IS a Nigerien prince with a liquidity issue?

@textfiles That's good about blocking the spam. I know you don't have much space for image files so I won't post any. I don't want to be a burden to the system.

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