@MattHodges @tracey you might also find this interesting.

i have a pretty powerful filter UI component— what’s the name of the client side search tool you use? i’m thinking of caching feeds locally and getting an algo-marketplace federating.

happy holidaze!

* finally got all my (3) & disks & time machines upgraded/happy/working

* got our esm.sh self-hosted wrangled / under control (yes, it still answers bad replies sometimes, but able to workaround 😉)

* lol down to 5 chunky branches in p***, with only one with my neck stuck out (but one a class 6 )

* 3 side projects collapsed down to 2

so finally feeling like i'm coming back up from a swirlpool... 😛

Remember, there is NO algorithm on Mastodon.

You are in total control of the type of content in your feed.

Follow people that interest you.

Like (⭐️) their posts if you do, it doesn’t share the post with your followers (see no algorithm) and it sends positive encouragement to the author.

Reblogging posts (🔁) shares it with your followers, so consider doing that when you think the post might be of interest to a wider audience.

#Mastodon #MastodonTips #Algorithm #Introduction

just replaced ~6TB of Time Machine & misc storage with 20TB from @internetarchive 🏛️
(5x 4TB disks)

thanks to the amazing ops crew that keeps our in-house storage and "cloud" going and improving! 😻

Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

Finally started (AMZN') and (HBO) after some of the hype died down.

liking quite a bit!
(and no -- I'm not picking up the phone)


decided to stick w/ weekly group ride (dark whole way, low 40s on return!) -- after 10am combo + shot.

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