With literally millions of books to choose from. Open Library does not replace a physical space of safety and refuge for readers and citizens, but it augments a place where those things are being hunted down to destroy them.

@textfiles It would take me hours to go to library that has anywhere near the selection, especially for older books (that I literally can't buy).

@textfiles You cant have a single government dictatorship in our realm , unless you brainwash the mass's and blend in with the local population claiming to be one of them , but actually a separate ethnic group

170 'governments' all signed up to NWO/Agenda21/World Government in 1991

Voting, protesting, paying tax, it was never going to change the outcome

Goyim will own NOTHING and be happy

@textfiles What a fabulous collection. I wonder if there may be an audio book section attached to this library in the future x

@textfiles Perhaps this toot should have been titled Fahrenheit 451.

@textfiles this is so wonderful and horrible at the same time.
I’m grateful my grandson is in a school that doesn’t ban books but to be honest it’s one election away from it happening.

@textfiles Does this site contain all the same borrowable books as In other words, is it merely a different UI to the same collection?

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