So, don't tell anybody, but we're going to announce Palm Pilot emulation in the browser at Internet Archive in the next week or so. I've still got to get descriptions in for the hundreds of apps that are uploaded, and add a few more classics. But if you want to help with that, or just let me know how it's going, ping me here.

But don't tell anybody! It's a secret!

@textfiles This place is going to get ruined once all the unwashed masses arrive :)

@IoanSaid @textfiles I still have my first, plus the stand, case, spare stylus, and modem*, and maybe a serial to USB cable. Not sure about hardcopies of manual & software. Worked fine the last time I put batteries in it about a year ago. The later ones long gone. Would love to find a good use for it.

@IoanSaid @textfiles I still have my palm pilot! I need a new charger for it though.

@IoanSaid @textfiles maybe... I'll have to check it out. It was the bomb digity walking around work with it before I got my cell phone with a 2 in b&w screen!

@textfiles playing Command and Conquest during meetings.. :)

@textfiles Tyranny on my Handspring was absolutely the reason I never learned to properly calculate integrals.

@kroc @textfiles @thomholwerda dumb question maybe but are there open source projects to recreate palm style hardware to run this stuff on? Seems like it could be great and useful for minimalist computing applications.

@textfiles trust me, it won't get out of the Internet.


Emulation? Archive?

I've still got my Palm Pilot and keyboard(s) and, as far as I know, they all still work.

I never throw anything away. LOL! 😉

@sgt1372 @textfiles I got my m130 and Palm Tungsten T3. I was able to get a keyboard for them for about $10. Too bad the manufacturer swapped out the metal case for cheaper plastic.

@textfiles hell yeah! I wonder how hard it would be to set up a subcollection of Kyle's Quest games...

@SpindleyQ @textfiles I was hoping to find lode runner on there but oh well. This is awesome!


You guys are just another parasite on the internet.

You should be forced to get permission before archiving a site. If you are on here, you absolutely do not have permission to archive any of my posts. I retain all copyrights to them and specifically deny your use of them for any purpose.


@textfiles @taz I feel like printing out some copies of this thread and keep them in a library archive


I pushed the "boost" button, which I believe is the "mention it only to your closest allies in complete confidence" feature in this here mastodoane apparatus

@textfiles loved my folding palm V.x keyboard, modem/palm stand combo. Always felt like 007 plugging that into uk hotel room phone sockets and hearing the dial up tones to get my 100% totes important emails !! The whole lot fit into a pocket and it was 1999. Radical

@osira @textfiles
My favorite thing to do was create icons for tasks. I often wish I could do that on my android phone.

@CarlataOld @textfiles @osira There is a software called Todoist. It's a heavy-duty task manager / light-duty project manager. One of the features is to add the icons that you mentioned. (I don't remember if that is a premium or free feature.)

Disclaimer: I have no connection to Todoist. Just a happy, long-time user.

@textfiles *edit - actually it may have been earlier- 1997 ?

@textfiles oh yes! so i get to play that wicked-good startrek game again? nice!

@textfiles I had a Palm m105, Tungsten W, Treo 600 and Treo650 :) They were awesome devices, and before it's time. #palm

still have my palm III and you know what, it still works :). Downloaded e-mails in 1999 with a modem attached to a nokia 5110. @textfiles

Imagina toda uma geração que babou nos Palms mas não teve como comprar sorrindo.

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