I've now generated a new, curated, still-growing collection of Old Time Radio where you're basically guaranteed to find full or near-full runs of hundreds of radio shows throughout The Golden Age.

The Old Time Radio Showcase.

I didn't do any gathering, digitizing, or classifying of any of these - the hero deep-divers of radio history did, and they're credited inside the items. I just wanted to make sure we had a way to let someone enjoy the full bounty with little problems, and give everyone a great night's sleep drifting off to these wonders, as I always do.

So, I expect to have the basic 1.0 of this curated set done tonight. I have written a quick custom script to find the big compilations with a thumbnail.

@textfiles I heard a BBC Radio documentary on how some radio enthusiasts recently helped plug some holes in the BBC archives, finding tapes of lost episodes of Hancock’s Half Hour and Desert Island Discs. So interesting!

@textfiles I've been enjoying the Archive's collection of BBC radio dramas lately. This looks like a great next step.

@textfiles Enjoyed some episodes of I WAS A COMMUNIST FOR THE FBI on archive yesterday.

@textfiles The most extensive collection of my hero Fred Allen's work I think I've ever seen. Wonderful!

@textfiles w o w … If each series had an RSS feed so I could use my favorite podcast player… this archive would probably take over hundred of hours of my listening! :)

@textfiles wow! I will definitely check this out. My son and I have just begun to be interested in classic noir radio shows. Good Timing for us, Thanks!!

@textfiles I had a large set of Reel To Reel tapes I went through, with music from Tin Pan Alley, Wartime Ditties, and more. I saved a little of it..

@textfiles Oh my god for blind radio show fans this is simply incredible. Thanks so so much! Is there a complete Sherlock Holmes floating around out there by any chance?

@annalemma Oh goodness… if you’re also into classic radio programs, we’ll never lack for conversation. 😅

Most recently I’ve been plowing through episodes of Inner Sanctum on Spotify.

Thank you for your hard work and the time you've put in to this. :) It's great to see it preserved for future generations in an easily accessible public place like this.

@textfiles love it! I do love listening to one’s like Johnny Dollar as I go to bed at night. Something about those 15 minute episodes where I can fall asleep before the end of one

@textfiles They also have a good Jazz collection; mostly historic of course with a lot of other "samples". They are having copyright problems so some things are samples, and others have to be "checked-out"; for hours/days. And so on. Copyright laws are beyond reason these days. But the real oldies are there; I like Ella Fitzgerald but tastes vary (even for me river time).

@textfiles Outstanding work! On behalf of radio and broadcasting historians, thank you!

@textfiles yes! So many of the TV shows that were a little before my time were radio shows even before that.

This is all so wonderful

@textfiles You hero, you.
I have tried to catch every episode of Johnny Dollar when WAMU out of Washington, D.C. runs its Big Broadcast Sunday nights. With your archive, I can now listen at my leisure and still get some sleep Sundays. Thank you!

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