Does everyone know about the awesome Old-Time Radio collection, which has literal years of audio of classic radio shows? Drama, Mystery, Comedy, and more. One of the crown jewels of the archive.

Oh! I was just thinking of these the other day. I was remembering listening in the dark (when I was supposed to be asleep) on an old transistor radio to an Ohio AM station from my bedroom in rural Michigan. Definitely a bookmark. Thank you.

@textfiles do you have a favorite show from collection? any suggestions of good ones to start exploring?

@capeta My favorites are Johnny Dollar (the Bob years), Philip Marlowe, and the Sherlock Holmes.

@textfiles I've spent a lot of time there. SO much great stuff.

@textfiles I was one of a handful people on Napster back in the day searching for Lux Radio Theater episodes.... many years later I was very excited when I found even more episodes on the Internet Archive.

@ftrain This seems very relevant to your interests.

@textfiles it's how I discovered one of my favorite radio programs, Lights Out!

@textfiles When I was a DJ at WRFL Lexington, I used this collection extensively for one of my shows. Wonderful stuff

@textfiles @brewsterkahle Check out this web app that plays audio from it as though each genre is its own station:

@textfiles not strictly "old time radio", but I found this upload of the first series of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" Stephen Fry is one of the regular team members.

@textfiles I tripped across that years ago. Growing up, I had a collection of the shows on tape, and I when looked years later, I found that site.

@textfiles Definitely have to check it out. Reminds me of The Big Broadcast on WAMU in DC. Weekly 4hr show of various old time radio shows. We listen every week. Gunsmoke is a big favorite in our house! On Sundays at 7 ET -

@textfiles OMG, when I discovered the Dragnet radio episodes, I had drivetime listening for about a year. It's amazing how much those mono recordings compress.

Now I want to start listening to the adventures of Lamont Cranston, known better as ... The Shadow! #WhoKnowsWhatEvilLurksInTheHeartsOfMen

@textfiles Yeah I've listened to many. I particularily enjoy the detective fiction

@textfiles Their science fiction radio play collection is excellent. #scifi #radioplay

@textfiles i am one of the biggest old time radio fans. Alan Freed was moondog til the end!

@textfiles So, so much good stuff. Two suggestions: all of Gunsmoke. And the Bob Bailey “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar”

@textfiles That and have been great to improve my English skills. Also, the Twilight Zone from the 50's.

A pity TZ is not under Public Domain.

@textfiles oh my god, that's my entire weekend gone

thank you for this!

@textfiles I just get worried it’ll disappear like did.

@randimason I guess the question is why they went down. Someone uploaded an older version to the archive:

@textfiles I love Old Time radio. It’s been nice to listen to old horror and mystery shows.

@textfiles We are HUGE old-time radio fans. The perfect way to spend a cold, dark Alaska night, listening to the same programs my parents did.

@akek @textfiles As a non-native English speaker, we are used to read far more stuff than listen to it. I could the "whisper" software in order to transcript the speech and improve my listening.

It it works, I could ping @textfiles back so the radio shows have proper texts. As a plus, they could be great for deaf people.

@anthk @akek Right now our audio player doesn't support subtitles, but when it does we will definitely be "whispering" the old time radio.

@textfiles *gasp* I never thought of a collection being online, I used to check shows out from the library. Wow, that was a while back. Those things were on cassette.

@textfiles I highly recommend X Minus One and Lights Out if you're into spooky stuff! Suspense is way more well known, but those two were always my favorites.

@textfiles In my day, podcasts were called radio!

Also, radio is not quite dead, BBC still produces some good stuff and a lot is available for streaming.

@textfiles I listened to the entire series of X Minus 1 there. Great site. 📻

@textfiles Thanks for this - back in the stone ages of the 90s, I would listen to replays of old time radio. On the radio. Good to know how to relive this era again and how!!

This is a treasure trove of material. Some great holiday classics in here, likely deserve a listing…

#otr #internetarchive #theshadow #cbsradiomysterytheater

I recommend The Adventures of Philipp Marlowe Radio Show, it’s like Film Noir for your ears.

@textfiles well. I did. Been perusing this for decades now. Lots of great otr shows.

@textfiles This is awesome, I grew up with OTR. My dad meticulously recorded OTR onto reel-to-reel off NPR and other sources for decades.

@textfiles Been listening & hyping for several years. Truly grateful for the access.

@textfiles this is awesome! Does it have the Superman Serials? Would love to listen to the shows where Superman takes on the KKK that actually led to their downfall irl.

@textfiles I listened to a lot of Johnny Dollar a few years ago, and was thinking of picking it up again. Surprisingly good and fresh.

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