Hey there, Admin of the Internet Archive Mastodon here. I've seen some people speculate/rumor that the Archive's mastodon instance is set up to be an involuntary vacuum spot for all toots passing back into the Wayback, and it is NOT that. Any archiving of toots would be some other project (and outside my knowledge) but the Internet Archive Mastodon is just another instance, doing the mastodon thing. Communicate with us at will.

@graf That post needs a little more citation and details for me to even have an answer beyond "To the best of my knowledge, the Internet Archive does not wipe out Wrong Think Books"

@textfiles that’s just what someone from an indiscriminate “involuntary internet vacuum spot” would say

@textfiles glad to hear it! welcome to the fediverse

@textfiles glad you are here.

I'm a supporter of your work and a huge fan of the archives of old audio recordings.

@textfiles But if you do suck up everything, please consider building a search engine as well :) One thing I'm missing while trying to get off twitter is finding people who like the narrow field I'm in.

@chromedevice @textfiles Several topical instance/user indexing tools exist. See for a few of them, and lots of help in general.

You may have to dip out of Mastodon and use a third-party opt-in tool to do this effectively. That's on purpose, especially the 'opt-in' part.

@textfiles thanks. Folks are way overthinking. Appreciate the clarity, also even if y’all did index, it wouldn’t make me personally sad or bothered.

@textfiles Hey @turgon remember when my boss wanted to license afrodiary to build a shady free Internet forum for the purpose of collecting data to train ML models on "Internet talk" for automatic translation in like 2004?

@textfiles I’m glad to see everybody from IA here. I suppose I need to read more textfiles of a good vintage when time permits.

@textfiles Why did you remove @taylorlorenz twitter account from your service? Almost everyone has run into the internet archive at some point, it's a useful service, but requires that we can trust you. I'm disappointed that you caved in to the social media cancel culture and censors that don't want us to remember the past.

@textfiles Thanks for the clarification, but I enjoyed this modern mini-myth.

@textfiles Will the wonderful Internet Archive ever, ever, EVER have a working ios app again? Gone but not forgotten

@procul99 As I recall, that was done by an outside affiliate party.

@tmcarr As one of my friends used to say, "We are in violent agreement."

@textfiles I'm appreciating the irony here, and hope that any speculation of third parties becoming "vacuum spots" serves as a kick for developers to implement workable access controls for toots.

it's one thing to assume that good-faith actors will respect the wishes of a community, but we're definitely in the timeline of an internet that's filled with bad actors backed up by multinational corporations and nation states.

@textfiles yo, you all do such big work in keeping the most powerful thing humans have - information - free and accessible to all.

Thank you so much!

@textfiles oh yay, welcome to the Fediverse! This is truly a day that will be #archived in history 😉

Glad to know there's no vacuum spot here, but also greatful for all the other important things you *have* archived—not least the original Wordle! 🟩

@textfiles but can you confirm or deny that this toot and my reply will be archived forever

@0x33 Not via the Internet Archive mastodon.

If you want to go to and put in the URL to the two toots, they'll go into wayback.

@textfiles Honestly, I think there should be more instances like yours

@alynna I'm debating the pros and cons of it - the virtual server we allocated was choking up for a bit and I was waiting to see how well resources are before adding more.

@textfiles Where can someone find The Internet Archive’s policy on collecting public data from social media sites such as Twitter and Mastodon in general?

@textfiles really wish it was though 😂
Love what y'all do

Seriously some kind of opt-in archival / search project would be incredible.

@textfiles i just heard that you are running an illegal torrent website. the mastodon network is no place for scofflaws.
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