Please enjoy this collection of 21 Curio and Novelty catalogs from early 20th Century. Mystical artwork, over-hyped promises of fame and fortune and health, and upsells galore!

@textfiles you could clean these up with pastel colors and sell the same exact things on Instagram today

@textfiles I have a friend who is an academic with an interest in Hoodoo, who I'll be sharing these with!

@textfiles Oh wow, this is great.. guess I won’t be going to bed anytime soon now .. :-D

@textfiles puts me in mind of all the 'copper infused' stuff that was on the market around the peak of COVID...

@CyberPsychoKitten Definitely something that happens when fear and uncertainty is in the air! Out come the candles and the herbs.

@textfiles indeed and tho I am idk atheist, I have more of a Joseph Campbell perspective in as much as it helps me see the commonality in ALL things human...mythology an emotive force underlying all cultures across all time...fascinating really...

@CyberPsychoKitten Absolutely, this is definitely weaponized mythmaking for profit.

@textfiles I’ll take the “alleged” good luck ring, please!

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