There is a moment, a joyous moment, between when the staff stands ready, feet shuffle quietly, a hush and a murmur runs in the space before the giant doors creak open and the day's endeavors begin.

And this is that moment.

Welcome to Mastodon, Internet Archive.

@textfiles Congratulations. Have you considered adding the handle of your general announcement account on this server to your Twitter profile? It would help people find you.

@textfiles It's nice seeing more and more important orgs setting up their own instances.

@textfiles What is the Internet Archive's Mastodon address? I see @internetarchive from back in 2020...

Aha! 🤦‍♂️ I now see that you were saying that YOU were online from an official Internet Archive mastodon server. I didn't realize that. I thought you were announcing that IA had an official account.

Either way... *congrats*! I look forward to posts from you in our official IA role!

@danyork @textfiles I believe @internetarchive is not a Mastodon account at all it's a #PeerTube account, whether or not it is official.

@Kichae @danyork yeah I know that... @internetarchive was set up on the PeerTube video site somr time ago but @textfiles is on's official mastodon server...

...which is really cool because organisations really should set up their own servers instead if a single account on a server they do not manage. This is a template for how orgs should do things and an important step in combating misinformation!

@msh @Kichae @danyork @internetarchive @textfiles
100% imo too. More governments need to join the E.U. and set up instances soon!

I think that the individual media organizations should set up their own instances also. They can just let cross posts from users here to the other platforms from here and probably save a lot of effort on security etc. I would think.

@textfiles glad to “see” ya here

And a hearty +100 to running an organizational instance

@textfiles really happy to see y’all here, and with your own server, properly done 👏

@textfiles Welcome to the Fediverse, Internet Archive. So glad you brought your own instance.

@textfiles Is this the kike Internet Archive that purges all pages related to the kike owner's subversive kike family? The same kike Internet Archive the also purges all pages that go against its owner's agendas? The same kike Internet Archive that magically creates pages that never existed after certain events occur?

@textfiles So cool!! I wrangle #copyright and access for an academic #library and @internetarchive is critical to my mission.

@textfiles holy shit this is amazing. I love the Internet archive so this is a huge deal

@textfiles oooh. Can anyone get on the archive mastodon server?

@zeroexp No, although the boss seems excited at the idea of hosting one at some point.

@textfiles this is great, I’m just hoping that The Great 78 Project is also enroute. 🤞🏼

@ochaos Absolutely is. The employee who maintains the accounts went on a very well-deserved multi-week vacation while all this spun up, I'm sure he'll walk into it soon.

@ochaos @textfiles "The Great 78 Project is a community project for the preservation, research and discovery of 78rpm records."

Oh cool!

@textfiles @internetarchive woohoo!!!! Request to repost that gif of your archiving machine that thing gives me life it's so damn cool 💛💛💛

@textfiles Welcome to #Mastodon! Looks like we don't need bots mirroring you anymore.

@textfiles Aha - I see what you're saying, there's now a mastodon instance served on the domain. Nice.

This is clearly the wave of the future for gov, media, corporations, but it hasn't got going very much yet.

@textfiles I would like to talk to you about your book upload acceptance policy does the book have to be scans or can it be a file of text?

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