is still alive after a quarter century! And it's been unchanged for nearly as long.

So, don't tell anybody, but we're going to announce Palm Pilot emulation in the browser at Internet Archive in the next week or so. I've still got to get descriptions in for the hundreds of apps that are uploaded, and add a few more classics. But if you want to help with that, or just let me know how it's going, ping me here.

But don't tell anybody! It's a secret!

The MOOF A DAY collection just passed 50 items.

What's a MOOF? It's a copy-protected Macintosh program, imaged using a flux reader called APPLESAUCE and made bootable in an emulator at Internet Archive.

If you lived through the early black and white macs, this growing collection is going to bring back amazing memories, and make a familiar "BING!"

Seven years ago, a fellow named "MIDI_MAN" compiled 130,000 unique MIDI files by browsing a ton of sites, placing them into directories, and generally assembling years of MIDI music.

Now that collection (1gb compressed, 3.5gb uncompressed, 130,000 files for real!) is at the Internet Archive at this URL:

So, I expect to have the basic 1.0 of this curated set done tonight. I have written a quick custom script to find the big compilations with a thumbnail.

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I didn't do any gathering, digitizing, or classifying of any of these - the hero deep-divers of radio history did, and they're credited inside the items. I just wanted to make sure we had a way to let someone enjoy the full bounty with little problems, and give everyone a great night's sleep drifting off to these wonders, as I always do.

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I've now generated a new, curated, still-growing collection of Old Time Radio where you're basically guaranteed to find full or near-full runs of hundreds of radio shows throughout The Golden Age.

The Old Time Radio Showcase.

Most of the recent uploads can take a few hours to "render" web-playable versions, so just scroll past those and try the other hundreds. Around 20 have been uploaded in the last 36 hours, so the process is going alone swimmingly. Find your favorite band, and see a terrible recording of them!

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Earlier this year someone donated about 600 VHS tapes of live recordings of bands from the 1970s to the 1990s, that were in the archives of a small Houston-based record store chain. They put them up for auction, and a group bought me the whole batch.

Well, half of them are digitized:

Part of my job is fighting spam uploads. For your consideration, I am currently going through 6,500 (six thousand five hundred) potential spam candidates to remove them from view. It's easily the most thankless part of the job, and a bunch of us our doing it. The price of open!

"Ray, if someone drops the October 2021-November 2022 "Spritzer" feed of Twitter into your lap and asks if you want it... you say YES."

Does everyone know about the awesome Old-Time Radio collection, which has literal years of audio of classic radio shows? Drama, Mystery, Comedy, and more. One of the crown jewels of the archive.

Joe Jackson is "Steppin' Out" at only 29 years old here. This dub of a lost performance is sadly only in mono but mono is infinitely better than Lost Forever and you need to know when to take your chips off the table of time and oblivion.

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Have you ever had one of those "digitizing a 40 year old U-matic tape of a performance that had previously thought to be 100% lost because the original tapes burned in a fire" type of days?

Anyway, that's Monday for me

Some people have said he hasn't DENIED it, so much so that he didn't know it was being RECORDED. But on the other hand, he did it as this massive multi-taped "number", so his confusion that it got out there seems disingenuous.

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Stuck in the middle of this videotape of Headbanger's Ball / Queensryche that I'm digitizing are some really choice 1990s-era commercials, including Slim Jims, Video Games, VHS Movie Games and Heavy D promoting Seat Belt safety.

The Internet Archive fulfills lots of requests each day (and on holidays/weekends).

Each one takes a person to do it, so we spread it out to staff around the world.

I love that the highest years are the 1990's...

Keeping our cultural memory alive!

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