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Did you guys know there is a #WordPress plugin that will publish your articles to a #FediVerse profile? The plugin is called Activity Pub, and it's in the WordPress store...


Will IA be scraping and archiving peoples' toots without their knowledge and/or consent?


People are already doing this for them.
No need for them to do it themselves.

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@downey @internetarchive @brewsterkahle there's flag you can set on your profile to request no indexing, I assume they'll respect that

our new mastodon server is so we can use it for communications -- which personally I am just learning about.

I realize that is not answering your question about crawling, but this step for us is independent of crawling.

I am looking forward to learning the overall culture of mastodon'ers (?) (mastodon's? masters? tooters? ? 😀 )

@brewsterkahle Mastodon sure is interesting, especially in terms of freedom of speach and alike, as its setup would make it harder to keep it quite in certain regions.

Anyways, it's nice to see that the Internet Archive joined the Fediverse (It wasn't that surprising tbh given the principles IA is promoting about a free internet (I still remember the Forward Machine))

@internetarchive Do I take this to mean your instance won't have a 30 day retention? 🤣

@internetarchive @brewsterkahle wonderful! You folks are awesome! I host all of the @bikeacrosscanada data in a folder on your servers because I want it to be kept free forever.

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I can't help but wonder: if Twitter finally nosedives into sudden oblivion, how much of the last *decade* of Internet history and accessibility resources will be lost...and how much of it can we hope to save before that happens? I know so many marginalized and/or disabled people who rely on Twitter for information that literally keeps them alive (for all its flaws, Twitter is very searchable...the advertiser/aggregator-poisoned Internet no longer is). Thoughts?

@Lunatic_Moth @internetarchive @brewsterkahle Anything of importance has already been screencapped or reported on in the press. The overwhelming majority of Twitter is just pure junk.

@internetarchive @brewsterkahle welcome guys! Love your work, absolutely essential in the digital age. #archiving

@internetarchive @brewsterkahle It's nice to see you join the Network.
It's always good to use multiple alternatives and not just a single one, otherwise progress will never happen.

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