We are excited to announce the release of our report, “Securing Digital Rights for Libraries: Towards an Affirmative Policy Agenda for a Better Internet.” blog.archive.org/2022/12/01/in

📚 The rights that libraries have always enjoyed offline must also be protected online.

We introduced you to Democracy's Library at our annual celebration last month. But what is it, really? Our founder @brewsterkahle has published a new thought piece, out today: blog.archive.org/2022/11/30/wh

What is the Democracy’s Library?

The aim of the new project-- Internet Archive Democracy’s Library is to collect, preserve and make freely available all the published works of all the democracies– the federal, provincial, and municipal government publications– so that we can efficiently learn from each other to solve our biggest challenges in parallel and in concert.

Lets build this together! @internetarchive


AT THE TOP OF THE HOUR: Join author Sarah Lamdan for a discussion about her recent book, Data Cartels: The Companies that Control & Monopolize Our Information. Can't make it in time? Register to receive a link to the session recording. eventbrite.com/e/book-talk-dat

This week at the Internet Archive 📌
Register for Wednesday's book talk, DATA CARTELS, with Heather Joseph (@hjoseph) of SPARC in conversation with author Sarah Lamdan (@SarahLamdan). Co-sponsored with Authors Alliance.

Wed, Nov 30 @ 10am PT / 1pm ET


Liberating books!

The Internet Archive has scanned thousands of books that have not gotten the date set via metadata matching, which means we dont know which are public domain... (1927 is coming up on Jan 1!)

so... now I have a command line to find candidate public domain books by grep'ing the full text for "Copyright 19XX" for xx between 00 and 27.

Now we have to QA, update, and liberate!

first results:

"The Internet Archive just put 565 Palm Pilot apps in your web browser / Dope Wars, Space Trader, Graffiti, memos, calculators and more: the Internet Archive’s instant Palm Pilot emulator is an app store before the App Store."

go @internetarchive ! go @textfiles !


Do digital books last longer than physical books? @brewsterkahle highlights the lengths libraries go through to keep digital books viable: they “need constant maintenance—reprocessing, reformatting, re-invigorating or they will not be readable or read.” blog.archive.org/2022/11/15/di

The Internet Archive fulfills lots of requests each day (and on holidays/weekends).

Each one takes a person to do it, so we spread it out to staff around the world.

I love that the highest years are the 1990's...

Keeping our cultural memory alive!

Interested in the computational use of library & museum collections? Check out the “Collections as Data” international workshop announced for 2023. Individuals at all levels of experience - from all regions of the world - are highly encouraged to apply! collectionsasdata.github.io/pa

This weekend, we’re hosting this year’s Aaron Swartz Day and International Hackathon. Register to join in person, or watch the livestream: aaronswartzday.org/

There is a moment, a joyous moment, between when the staff stands ready, feet shuffle quietly, a hush and a murmur runs in the space before the giant doors creak open and the day's endeavors begin.

And this is that moment.

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