What is the Democracy’s Library?

The aim of the new project-- Internet Archive Democracy’s Library is to collect, preserve and make freely available all the published works of all the democracies– the federal, provincial, and municipal government publications– so that we can efficiently learn from each other to solve our biggest challenges in parallel and in concert.

Lets build this together! @internetarchive

@brewsterkahle @internetarchive Love internet archive! We watched Christmas movies, animation and shorts last night on there. Saw A Holiday Affair and an old library film where a child was granted a wish to have Christmas every day. (She learned quickly that once a year was better).
We also found a short from the Pickwick Papers. It was fun to see some new Xmas stuff!

@brewsterkahle @internetarchive seeing this image leads me to crave a WPA-style mural inside the Archive on Funston.

@peterme @internetarchive Yes, that would be fun.

The Federal Writers Project was one of my fav new-deal problems as well.

@brewsterkahle @internetarchive Love the image. I've been visiting the @internetarchive for many years now - such a gift! Thank you for all your work.

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