Digital Books wear out faster than Physical Books
is why we need libraries to own digital books:

@brewsterkahle Despite working in software this wasn't apparent to me until reading this.

Such an important point.

@brewsterkahle this constant maintenance work is how i describe my job at the Wikimedia foundation. We have articles written in wikitext to maintain and preserve and pass on, and my team gets to maintain the parser which does it...

@cscott @brewsterkahle Wikitext and LaTeX are the two main (and overly-programable) markup formats in my life. Love them both but shudder at where we'll be in another few decades! :-)

I have heard that this effect is sometimes called bit rot.

@brewsterkahle The biggest enemy of the digital books is proprietary formats that are specifically created for the purpose of restricting your rights to your content. They're not worried about whether you'll want to read it again 20 years from now on a different device, maybe after their service has shut down, they're worried about how much money they can milk from you in the short term.

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