"Yes, Digital Books Do Wear Out; Stop Accepting Publishers Claims That They Don't" -- techdirt

and Publishers should stop the suit against the @internetarchive for lending digitized books, also sell ebooks w/ the same ownership rights as physical books.

techdirt.com/2022/12/02/yes-di @mmasnick

There were two competing visions at the dawn of the modern digital era: in one camp, you had people who saw computers as a way to empower people to push back against corporate and state control; in the other camp, there were the people who wanted to use computers to transfer power from the public to corporations or governments.


We need a 'Macroscope' --Jesse Ausubel

A macroscope gives you the big picture, allows us to step back.

Media bubbles are natural esp in time-based media-- how can you see bias, trends?

Well, analyzing the whole thing can help. eg. Washpo using Internet Archive TV News archive through GDELT tools:

washingtonpost.com/politics/20 @pbump

wow: Teleportation, of a sort, demonstrated?

I do not understand, but this clear article seems theoretically understandable, and explaining something very impressive: combining quantum entanglement with wormholes with information to yield Teleportation-- and doing it experimentally in a quantum computer.


(I love quanta mag-- it shows progress is happening)

RT @DeanPreston: San Franciscans voted 62-38 not to entrust police with tasers. Pretty sure most San Franciscans wouldn’t want police to have killer robots. twitter.com/DeanPreston/status

We introduced you to Democracy's Library at our annual celebration last month. But what is it, really? Our founder @brewsterkahle has published a new thought piece, out today: blog.archive.org/2022/11/30/wh

What is the Democracy’s Library?

The aim of the new project-- Internet Archive Democracy’s Library is to collect, preserve and make freely available all the published works of all the democracies– the federal, provincial, and municipal government publications– so that we can efficiently learn from each other to solve our biggest challenges in parallel and in concert.

Lets build this together! @internetarchive


Why archive TV news? This is one reason.

Internet Archive's TV Archive was used to prove an TV News caption (called chyron) was then altered, and then tweeted by Elon Musk.

This is why we need publicly accessible archives! go @internetarchive ! go Agence France-Presse (AFP)!


This week at the Internet Archive 📌
Register for Wednesday's book talk, DATA CARTELS, with Heather Joseph (@hjoseph) of SPARC in conversation with author Sarah Lamdan (@SarahLamdan). Co-sponsored with Authors Alliance.

Wed, Nov 30 @ 10am PT / 1pm ET


command line:

ia search $SEARCH -p scope:all --itemlist | parallel --no-notice --joblog ~/tmp/early3.log -j10 'echo -n {} "\t"; ia download {} {}_dj\
vu.txt --stdout | head -1000| grep -i "Copyright" | grep -Eo "(19[0-9][0-9])" | tr "\n" "\t"; echo ""' | grep -E '(19[0-2][0-9])' | gr\
ep -Ev '(19[3-9][0-9])' | grep $'\t19'

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Liberating books!

The Internet Archive has scanned thousands of books that have not gotten the date set via metadata matching, which means we dont know which are public domain... (1927 is coming up on Jan 1!)

so... now I have a command line to find candidate public domain books by grep'ing the full text for "Copyright 19XX" for xx between 00 and 27.

Now we have to QA, update, and liberate!

first results:

Internet Archive Wayback Machine course from Agence France-Presse (in french)

"Has the content you are looking for been removed? Take a look at online archives with tools like @waybackmachine

Discover our free access course"


Copyright is an intellectual monopoly that opens the door for power concentration, @glynmooyd argued during his his #BookTalk with @mariabustillos, co-hosted by the @internetarchive & @Auths_Alliance

👀 Watch: archive.org/details/book-talk-
📕 Read: walledculture.org/the-book #FreeEbook

"The Internet Archive just put 565 Palm Pilot apps in your web browser / Dope Wars, Space Trader, Graffiti, memos, calculators and more: the Internet Archive’s instant Palm Pilot emulator is an app store before the App Store."

go @internetarchive ! go @textfiles !


Elon Musk just banned the culture jamming anarchist publication CrimethInc. from Twitter after a request from Andy Ngo, the fascist activist who's beloved by multiple mass shooters.

CrimethInc. has had a Twitter account since 2008, has never violated Twitter policies, and has never been suspended until now.


Mastodon request: pls allow us to hyperlink text in a post...

citations help with accuracy and also helps people dive in further.

Twitter has the problem of "all shout, no backup". can we upgrade mastodon?

which I agree with. These problems are exacerbated by our big book, newspaper, and university press publishers.

Lets build a better Internet.

(lets start with allowing hypertext links in mastodon posts :) )

^2 Quotation from Current Affairs currentaffairs.org/2020/08/the )

^1 Quotation from

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Do "We now have all the world’s knowledge at our fingertips" as Niskanen Center said ? ^1

I would say not.

It is more like "The Truth Is Paywalled But The Lies Are Free"^2

We have an abundance of propaganda and commercial speech.

To Lindsey of Niskanen Center's credit, it goes on to say:
"We now have all the world’s knowledge at our fingertips, but the social authority of that knowledge has fallen into embattled retreat while conspiracy theories and mass delusions fill the vacuum."

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